Autumn Brown
Calibrated Circles

Autumn Brown sandstone contains various shades of brown,
and is calibrated to an approximate thickness of 22mm.

Circles are available in
2m diameter (centre + 2 rings of 16)
3m diameter (centre + 2 rings of 16 and 1 ring of 32)
4m diameter (centre + 2 rings of 16 and 2 rings of 32)

If a circle is being incorporated into a paved area, please be aware
that the circles will have been quarried at a significantly different time
to the paving and a noticeable colour or shade difference is likely.
Bordering it with setts or cobbles to highlight the feature could help this issue.

Price each including vat
2m diameter - £270
3m diameter - £390
4m diameter - £510
autumn brown calibrated circle